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Born and raised in Mount Olive, NC on January, 7 1992, Myron “Taymarion” Roberts started singing at the age of 7 in the children’s choir At Winn Chapel Missionary Baptist. Around the age of 13, He met his now long time Friend Tamesha Williams and together they formed a duo called UNITY. They would both write songs together and after a while, Taymarion started teaching his self how to make beats. They continued on as a duo for the better part of their teenage years. At 18, Taymarion decided to take a break from music and try his hand at a variety of career choices including cosmetology and joining the Army. After his military service in 2014 He met his now manger Elawate, who was a long time friend of his mother and father. Elawate had caught wind of a mixtape Taymarion had put together but never pushed and encouraged him to push it and get back into writing, singing, and performing. In 2015 taymarion started working on What would eventually become his first EP. But things took a drastic turn when he was diagnosed with Vocal Chord Paresis which cause him to go horse and have difficulty breathing while attempting to sing. Ready to give up, Elawate remained positive and continued to encourage Tay throughout the process of vocal training and doctors visits to salvage his voice. After intense vocal lessons, a lot of rehearsals, and constant prayer, Taymarion hit the studio around the summer of 2016. After completing the EP He went to school to get his CDL, realizing that it was going to take serious money to do the things he wanted when it came to his music career. His debut EP “Love Decoded” was released in the fall of 2017. And after almost a decade he returned to the stage to perform live in the summer of 2018 for an Indie Artist showcase called Coast 2 Coast. He placed second and was the featured artist on the track that won 1st place. He also followed up with a second EP that summer Titled “LoveLifeLyrics”, which were 7 songs that originally belonged to the debut album he was working on but didn’t make the cut. He plans to release his debut album and Music Video sometime in 2019. Hard work, determination, patience, and faith keeps him pushing forward as he lives by one quote which states “Slow progress is better than No progress”.

"I never wanted fame or fortune; I just want my art to be appreciated"